Client Benefits



In 1977 Akry Director, Kamal Sanghavi displayed great entrepreneurial dynamism when he made a leap from just trading in bulk commodities to actually manufacturing ethylene glycols. This alacrity, now part of Akry’s DNA, is what keeps clients coming back to us. Other benefits for Akry customers are:

1 Quick Turnaround Time: While clients usually place orders ahead of schedule, even on ocassions when urgent delivery is required - Akry is able to deliver because of its focus on Ethylene Glycols.

2 Packaging Customisation: Depending on the clients requirements, Akry can package and deliver the product in tankers of varying capacities, in drums (230 kg net weight), paletised drum (230 kg net weight, MS/HDPE drum), ISO tank containers and flexitanks.

3 365 days service: While others pay lip service to being always available, Akry personnel are actually available for 365 days service for instructions from clients and with information for clients.

4 Proximity to Mumbai ports: With Tarapur being just over a 2 hour drive from Mumbai, Akry enjoys the benefits of quick connectivity with Mumbai ports for shipment of international orders.

5 Exports experience: With numerous international clients, Akry has serviced clients in each and every continent. Thus, Akry is well versed in export procedures and hence can cut through the red tape and ship orders in the shortest possible time.

6 Access to Directors: Because of their hands on working style and the organisation’s flat hierarchy, Akry’s Directors are eager and able to interact directly with clients wherever possible.


Akry Organics has over 3 decades of core competence in producing and marketing Ethylene Glycols: DEG, TEG, MEG.