Plant’s Pluses



In 1997, Akry consolidated its various operations and began continuous production at its Tarapur plant. The plant took 18 months to go on-stream, and had world class consultants and blue chip suppliers on board. Even today, this modern manufacturing facility, where equipment is being continually updated, continues to impress national and international clients. Some features of plant, that bear mention are:

1 Modern Process Instrumentation: Beginning with flow meters from world leaders Yokogawa and Emerson, all the process instruments used at the Tarapur plant are from the world’s best companies like Emerson and E&H. Each and every instrument of the plant has been chosen without any cost compromise. 

2 Programmable Logic Controllers: To minimise the need for human intervention and to maintain a consistently high product quality, Akry uses a PLC system, from PLC premier Allen Bradely, to process, automate and monitor it’s production.

3 Modular Tank Farm: With a total of 32 tanks and a capacity of over 4,000 kl, we have a modular tank farm which allows us to store raw material and customised finished product based on the client’s needs.

4 Diligent Quality Control: To ensure the quality of the product shipped to clients, Akry’s laboratory uses a range of testing equipment including a Gas Chromatograph, an Ultra Violet Spectro Photometer, a Viscosity Meter, a Flame Photometer and an Automatic Titrater.

5 Environmental Consciousness: For the release of effluent gases, Akry has recently upgraded to a 41 meter high chimney which is a recently prescribed norm for environmental safety. Other steps on the environmental safety front are also on the anvil.

6 Automated Drum Filling System: To ensure accurate deliveries for clients and to minimise wastage and safety hazards for us, Akry uses automatic drum filling machines.

While we take great pride in our plant, it’s efficient and reliable functioning is only made possible by a loyal work force. All senior members of the Production team have actually been with us for over a decade.


Akry Organics has over 3 decades of core competence in producing and marketing Ethylene Glycols: DEG, TEG, MEG.